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My name is Bogdan, and I’m an enthusiastic programmer and researcher wannabe. I want to learn more things about technology and computer science in general. I feel the need to be informed and when I can inform others of my discoveries. I do not plan to revolutionize this field of science, but who knows maybe one day one of my crazy ideas might just do that.

Feel free to shed your thoughts about any of my current or future post on this blog.

Bogdan Emil Mariesan

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5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Bogdan,

    I trust this finds you well.

    Our client in Brussels, the EU, is looking for a Front End Developer on a Freelance basis with the following skill set:

    Front End Developer; Java User Interface design/developer & J2EE; PDF; JavaScript & XML; HTML5; Design/develop UI for PC, tablet smartphones; English speaking.

    We also receive JAVA/J2EE roles on a regular basis.

    If you, or someone you know, could be interested, please send your CV to ross.golden@rkla.net.

    We will take contact with you and send you the full job spec (too long to fit here).

    Kind regards,

    Ross Golden
    +32 475 902 411

  2. Hi Bogdan

    Could a Big Data Engineer opportunity be interesting for you?? It is a freelancer role in Berlin.

    PS : I am writing this here, as I am unable to find your email or contact number anywhere !

    Best regards,
    Veni Prasad

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