CraftConf 2014 – Way of the Agile Developer

So…yes…indeed we all need or want to learn the “Way of the Agile Developer“, don’t we?

CraftConf - AgileManifesto

It seems to be quite a trend nowadays to act fast, build quality software, meet marketing expectations, build up mammoths and of course get decent piece of ham in terms of revenue for you business.

It surely sounds easy with Agile…BUT IT’S NOT!!!

These things were pointed out very well (in my opinion and the opinion of my colleagues) by some of my new gurus – Gojko Adzic(slides and stream) and Dan North(slides and stream). Many other speakers enforced the main ideas shared by these guys, but at least for us they proved to be the best fit.

So to summarize what you’ll learn if you dare to watch the streams:

  • agile is all about Flexible Scope – if you have no flexibility where is the agility???
  • if you are agile it doesn’t mean you can predict everything – at least 3 dimensions are unpredictable – time, humans, and local
  • make sure you take time to get mastery
  • variation – seek out new ideas and try some new things
  • survivability – do it on a scale where failure is survivable
  • selection – seek out feedback and learn from mistakes

I’ll dare you to take a look over the slides and watch the streams and I’ll guarantee it will be worth your time.

Thank you Dan North and Gojko Adzic, you’ve surely put some cornerstones in my head!

CraftConf 2014 – Review Intro

Several months have passed since my first international conference – CraftConf 2014 Budapest, a nice conference about “Software Craftsmanship”. To be honest I had no idea on what to expect from such a conference so close from home. Was it worth it? Who were the speakers? Was it well organised?

And the answer to all the questions above is a big YES! YES it was totally worth it, YES there were lots of top notch speakers, YES it was well organised!

In the next few articles I will do my best to stress out what I’ve found out there, what speakers are my gurus now and why I will do my best to be there at CraftConf 2015.